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Earth Venture

The FluffNest™ Snuggle Bed

The FluffNest™ Snuggle Bed

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Small: inches perfect for all kinds of small sized dogs like pomeranian, toy poodles, French bulldog, etc...

Medium: Perfect for young dogs or adult cats


What size should I pick?

All sizes are perfect but based on what customers bought it's mostly the medium sizes because it fits all pets!

Can I wash it?

You can wash it in a washing machine or by hand and leave it dry in the sun!

Delivery time

A) USA ~ 7 to 16 business days (tracking system available)

B) Rest of the world ~ 7 to 21 business days (tracking system available varies)

Please note that processing time (4-6 business days) is different from shipping time and should be added to the total delivery time. Orders generally take 4-6 business days to be fully processed (checked, packed, forwarded to logistics and sent forth to the post office).

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No more pets anxiety!

Creates a secure environment for your pet, offering a comforting sense of safety and peace. With its enclosed design. This sense of security helps your pet relax and unwind, promoting better sleep and overall well-being. Say goodbye to pet anxiety as your furry friend finds solace in their own private haven within the cozy confines of their bed.

For All Pets

this cozy nook pet bed is versatile and tailored to accommodate dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and everything in between! Whether you have a small Chihuahua or a large Great Dane, this bed provides the perfect snug spot for your furry friend to curl up and relax.

In all types of weather

Designed to withstand all types of weather, ensuring better quality. Experience its perfect comfort and reliability whether it's the chilly days of winter or the warm days of summer!

Witness behavioural improvements first-hand

Just like us, our pets can act out when tired or irritated, resorting to behaviors like chewing, scratching, barking, or meowing. This bed provides a safe space for them to retreat, cuddle up, and enjoy restful naps.

ease joint pain & prevent arthritis

Crafted with the finest plush and orthopedic materials, this bed feels like resting on a soft cloud. It gently aligns the spine, relieves joint pressure, and reduces the risk of arthritis, ensuring your pet's lifelong well-being.

🌟 For all pets

😴 All season comfort, winter & summer